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44th Street Pork Back Ribs Maplewood Smoked

Unit: 595 g

SKU: 81842600701

Slow cooked In a sweet and thick "outdoor campfire" flavour BBQ sauce BBQ in 10 minutes or less Fully cooked Napkins sold separately. When was the last time you let yourself get messy with your food? Not just a little sauce on your face for which you promptly grabbed a napkin. We mean so messy that no napkin ever stood a chance. We're talkin' sleeve-rolling, heck, shirt-changing messy. If you can't remember, then please put down the fork, dig into these Maplewood Smoked Ribs, and let yourself get a little wild. Serving suggestions: assuming your hands don't get too saucy, try serving these up with some maple baked beans and grilled jalapeno cornbread! Smoked with authentic maplewood for a big sweet smoke flavour, cooked slow and low.

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