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Cavendish Farms FlavourCrisp Tuscan Herb Oven Chips

Unit: 650 g

SKU: 05621025490

Made from whole potatoes and frozen for freshness 0 g trans fat per serving Naturally cholesterol free Low in saturated fat Deliciously crisp and perfectly seasoned, our FlavourCrisp® products are made from carefully selected premium potatoes for a unique and savoury taste. Proud Canadian company GROWING OUR BEST™ What makes great food? Pride, dedication and a whole lot of know-how. We're a family food company whose roots started from the rich, red soil of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. We're built by generations of farmers with one common goal - to bring the very best from our farms to your tables. Why choose a favourite? Try our other FlavourCrisp® products!

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