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Jumping Bean Organic Whole Bean Coffee Light Roast Lighthouse Roast 454 g

Unit: 454 g

SKU: 62907700003

ECO₂ Roast® Low carbon Local impact, global reach Jumping Bean Coffee® is a sustainable coffee roaster. We take pride in helping to "green" local communities where coffee lovers live, work and play. Did you know? The coffee sector is a major contributor of CO₂ emissions, roasting over 1.8 billion lbs of coffee a year. Jumping Bean Coffee® uses an advanced ECO₂ Roast™ process, producing 85% less CO₂ than other roasters. If everyone did the same, it'd be the same as taking approx. 180 million cars off the road annually. All Jumping Bean Coffee® is organic and fairtrade certified. It's good for the farmers and good for us. Local impact + global reach through a delicious, community-minded cup of coffee. ECO₂ Roast® Make your mark! Don't leave your stain Light House Roast is our signature blend of freshly roasted fair trade organic coffee. With its light body and fresh bouquet, it is both the perfect morning kick-starter and an easy choice for any coffee lover. The perfect cup Our commitment to the perfect cup of coffee begins with importing the finest raw coffee beans from around the world then roasting them to perfectly match each coffee style. Our whole bean coffee is part of brewing a perfect cup! As soon as coffee is ground, it begins to oxidize at a much faster rate reducing its flavour. Always close the bag tightly after opening to reduce oxygen exposure. (The original package protects the beans from light and moisture). Store them at room temperature and never freeze your beans. What's your favourite roast? Light Lighter body and mellower flavours. Medium A balance of smooth and rich flavours. Dark Fuller body and intense bold flavour. Certified fair trade by Transfair Canada www.transfair.ca FLO ID.4805

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