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Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade + Energy 458 Ml

Unit: 473 ml

SKU: 07084700636

Refresh + rehydrate + revive 25 calories While chillin' at the Rehab pool party in Vegas, contemplating a cure for cotton mouth, admiring the flesh parade, and pondering the wisdom of doubling down when the dealer shows a face card, it HIT ME! We need a new drink. One that can do it all: a triple threat that quenches thirst, fires you up, and is the perfect choice after a hard day's night. Monster Rehab Tea + Lemonade: RE-FRESH, RE-HYDRATE, RE-VIVE or in other words, Re-habilitate with a killer mix of tea, lemonade, electrolytes, and our bad-ass Monster Rehab energy blend. Refresh Rehydrate Revive...Rehab!

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