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Vachon Passion Flakie Three Fruits 6 Flaky Pastries 305 g

Unit: 282 g

SKU: 06073705212

Vachon® Est. 1923 Now with more filling Three fruits* * Natural and artificial flavour Individually wrapped In 1923, Rose-Anna Vachon started her family bakery. Close to 100 years later, Vachonᴹᴰ® cakes are not just loved, they're one of the main ingredients in our cultural heritage. From the first bite, this flaky pastry seduces you with a creamy filling and a tasty berry-flavoured confection. It's a delicious moment of pure pleasure. Delicious since 1923 It's all about family From the kitchen to the delivery trucks, Vachon bakery has been a true family operation since the start. Much of the credit for the company's success can be attributed to the determination and enthusiasm of Rose-Anna Vachon. Continuing the tradition In 1945, Rose-Anna passed on the company to her children who, filled with local pride, led the family bakery to national success. In 1980, they developed the most significant production line in the world, capable of creating up to 30,000 flaky pastries an hour. Today, Passion Flakie pastries are still one of the country's favourites, due in no small part to Vachon's heritage of passion and expertise that is very much alive and well.

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